Friday, 6 March 2009


When you first get a diagnosis for your child, it may be a shock. Sometimes it can be a relief to know but you may also feel upset, angry or confused. You may not be able to take in much at first about what this means for your child and family but later you will want to find out more to make sure you get all the help your child needs.

Get the professionals you are talking with to write down information about your child’s diagnosis for you so that you have a written record of your child’s difficulties that you can follow up later if necessary.

It will help to know:
• a clear diagnosis of your child’s difficulties
• how your child will be affected
• what you can do to help their development
• what support they will need from other services
• who to contact if you have questions in the next few weeks and months.

It may take time to get full answers to all the questions you will have but assessment of your child’s difficulties will be the first step in getting a fuller picture of their needs.

You will probably want to talk about how your child is affected now and in the future and find out more about autism and the help available.

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