Friday, 6 March 2009


Before and after your child has been diagnosed with autism, there will be all sorts of things that you will want to find out about and get information on. The right provision, support and education will be essential as well as involving the family. See what your nexts steps might be here.

Involving the family

Explaining the diagnosis to your family may not be easy, especially if you feel they have been critical of you as a parent.
Your child’s difficulties may already have been noticed by other members of your family. They may feel relief that you can give the difficulties a name or they may be upset and find it hard to take in. The label of autism may puzzle or upset them so try to explain it in terms of what your child can and cannot do and how you may need their help.
If you have been given leaflets or other information, show these to your family too. If you have found any websites useful, print out the information for them or suggest they look for themselves.

Grandparents, aunts and uncles can make all the difference when you are trying to cope with the different needs of brothers and sisters, especially where one or more child has a disability. They may be able to give you a break from caring so you can spend time with your partner, friends or on your own and they may be able to help with brothers and sisters who may feel pushed out because of the time you need for your child wit autism.

Whether or not you have close relatives or friends nearby, try to find a parents’ support group. Parents often say how helpful it is to talk to other parents in the same situation. Your health visitor, social worker or parent partnership service will know what is available.

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