Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Over 500,000 people of all ages in the UK have disorders in the autistic spectrum. About one-third also have varying degrees of learning difficulty. All have impairment of social interaction, communication and imagination - the world appears a bewildering, confusing and often frightening place. I am hoping that my book will explain how people with autism experience the world and why they need an organised, structured environment. I will be looking at ways of improving communication, developing abilities and widening social interaction, and how to cope with stresses within the family.

This book is a basic introduction to the field of autistic spectrum disorders. It is primarily aimed at parents who have learned that their son or daughter has an autistic condition but it may also prove useful for health care professionals/ social care workers who are beginning to work in this area.
I hope that some people who know, or suspect, that they may have an autistic spectrum disorder would find also it helpful.

Although there are many variations, autistic spectrum disorders have in common problems affecting social interaction, communication and the development of imagination, associated with a narrow and repetitive pattern of interests and activities.

I have highlighted 'The Triad of Impairments' and described in some detail the many different forms that these problems can take. I have suggested ways of helping children and adults with autistic spectrum disorders cope with everyday life.

Let's hope that the publishers like it......there's a little way to go yet as my friend, ex-colleague from the 'front line' and undoubted secretarial genius, Kate Denkinson, and I now set out to produce the first draft.

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